Shell Struck!

Once sun-bleached, drab sea shells become amazingly colorful with thoughtful digital manipulations.

The sea and sea life, create amazing textures

Fungi Royale

Laetiporus sulfureus - this fungus on the side of an old oak tree was dull and brown colored. But with some liberal color adjustments, it took on a regal look.

Bayou Turtles

Sometimes our photographs hide things because there is so much going on inside them. Here, an added magnifying glass accents the turtles that we might otherwise miss.

Manmade in Nature

The sandy ant hill made a nice resting spot for another photo featuring all kinds of metal and plastic parts.

Stoned Gritty

These stones lay on the bank of Croton Canyon at the end of Last Chance Bay in Lake Powell. I photographed them and then manipulated the RAW image to bring out their hidden colors.

H2O Stones

This photograph was of a large expanse of flat rock with naturally occurring holes in it. The holes were filled with water when I snapped the photo. Later, I manipulated the colors in the RAW image to create an otherworldly look.