"When we relinquish control, and go into nature with open hearts, we find our best selves."

Dreaming, Exploring, Creating

It's a journey...

This time, I am traveling many roads and exploring many interests. 

Today, I'm focused on improving the stories I tell by using the visual arts. 

Before, I wrote, and wrote and wrote, until I exhausted my interest in, and patience for writing. The written word of course still must play a role, but now I'm using it almost exclusively to support story-telling with audio, video and imagery. That has made the craft palatable again.

There is no grand plan, or beautifully-worded goal statement, just the desire to create to my heart's content, and to the beat of others' drums as needed.

Demo Reel

See what I've been up to in making tutorial, explainer and training videos.

The Writing

As a trained photojournalist I've traveled many beats, including, agriculture, construction, education, finance, management, training and technology.

The Photography

While photography hasn't been my primary pursuit, I have always been ardently practicing it.